Wednesday, February 6, 2013

snoozing in warm arms

It's as though some bored demon came upon my post last week and said, "Oh yeah? Let's see how that whole contentment thing works out for her when I really begin messing with her!" Virtually the day after my post my car pooped out and then Dave's truck took a nose dive. Our dogs started to have problems and we needed to take them both to the vet and the groomer (hefty bill). It cost me some cash to have my phone replaced. All of this resulted in a giant money drain at a time when our income is not exactly what it used to be.

You don't have to feel sorry for me though.

Normally you could reliably cue a feeling of panic in me and my complaining reflex would kick in with a vengeance. But that's not what has happened (thumbing my nose at aforementioned demon). It's not that I don't care that we've had to spend all of this money or that I've been inconvenienced with the whole car situation. It's just that I can't really bring myself to feel all that terrible or even give it a whole lot of space in my head. I keep noticing how great I have it. I recognize that I am overwhelmingly privileged that I have so many great things in my life and the cash to maintain them and people around me to support us if we fall. Even if all of these material things went away I'm still richer and luckier than most of the world. Even when things get ridiculously messed up, it's OK. I feel a little like Wyatt in that picture above. Just kind of snoozing in warm arms. It's good.


  1. Curse the giant money drain!
    Hugging you.

    1. Hugging you too. A big long hug that gives you time to feel what you're feeling and cry a little.

  2. Hey Terri
    Long time. I have not been blogging til the first part of this month, or last month, or hell if I remember. Sometime this year. Just checking in on you here to see what has been going on. ttyl